Dark Blood Serum Indicators

Blood and Serum DNA Isolation Kit

K5017100 1 kit
EUR 355

Blood Serum Laboratories manufactures the dark blood serum indicators reagents distributed by Genprice. The Dark Blood Serum Indicators reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Blood Serum. Other Dark products are available in stock. Specificity: Dark Category: Blood Group: Serum Indicators

Mouse Serum

5 L
EUR 10599.6

Mouse Serum

1 ml
EUR 2064

Porcine Serum

1 L
EUR 710.4

Rabbit Serum

100 ml
EUR 326.4

Rabbit Serum

500 ml
EUR 577.2

Rat Serum

10 ml
EUR 326.4

Sheep Serum

100 ml
EUR 410.4

Serum Indicators information

pH Indicator Strips pH 0-2.5

PAP1218 PK100
EUR 10.8

pH Indicator Strips pH 5.0-9.0

PAP1220 PK100
EUR 10.8

pH Indicator Strips pH 7.0-10.0

PAP1222 PK100
EUR 10.8

pH Indicator Strips pH 0-6.0

PAP1208 PK100
EUR 12

Starch Indicator 0.05% (w/v)

ST0055 500ML
EUR 74.42

Starch Indicator 0.1%

ST0101 1L
EUR 127.95

Starch Indicator 0.2%

ST0205 500ML
EUR 73.2

Starch Indicator 0.25%

ST0255 500ML
EUR 74.42

Starch Indicator 0.3%

ST0305 500ML
EUR 117.5

Starch Indicator 2%

ST205 500ML
EUR 463.49

PanPEHA Indicator

10360005 PK200
EUR 34.8

Whatman pH Indicator 3.8-5.5

2627990 EACH
EUR 38.4

Cresol Red Indicator 0.04%

CRER0405 500ML
EUR 87.6

Cresol Red Indicator 0.2%

CRER205 500ML
EUR 95.31

Indicator Methyl Red 0.1%

MTR060125 125ML
EUR 85.2

Indicator Phenol Red 1%

PR1005 500ML
EUR 110.98

Indicator Phenol Red 0.1%

PR105 500ML
EUR 75.72